The Institution

Jawahar Vidhyapeeth Teachers Training College Opened in the year 1987. Since that this College is rendering its best services to the students. All the members of the staff are giving training to the students with dedication and devotion. The college is situated in the calm and quiet atmosphere of nature. It’s Building is grand with spacious play grounds.


Our Mission & Vision

To create good educational/training institutions, so that students society could receive quality education and become good citizen and all-round development.

  Dr. Narendra kumar Dhing    
  (19.08.2018 to Till Date)    
Chairman   Ex. Chairman   Mantri  
Shanti Lal Sand   Sundar Lal Duggad   Ramesh Chandra kudal  
Banglore   Kolkata   Kanore  
Founder & Sanchalak   Ex. Sanchalak   Ex. Sanchalak   Ex. Sanchalak
Late Pd. Udai Jain   Late Nathulal Jaroli   Late Sohanlal Dhing   Late Himmat Singh Dungarwal
(24.10.1940 to 27.11.1977)   (30.11.1977 to 03.08.1984)   (04.08.1984 to 04.03.2001)
(25.06.2015 to 19.08.2018)
  (06.03.2001 to 19.06.2015)